The Burwell's 2018 Road Trip, Part 3

Note -  We had to expand the original posting into parts, because of limitations in the internal designs of the website program.

Part 1 now covers the journey to California, which was pretty much half-way through our road-trip.

Part 2, which takes us through California, and then begins the journey back home.

Part 3 continues the return trip, starting in Reno, Nevada.

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Reno. The Biggest little City in the world, or so the signs say.

I'm sure the city is a fine town, but to me, they just seem to be trying too hard to be Las Vegas.



Even the face of the clown in the sign for Circus Circus seems to be saying, "I'm trying as hard as I can! I really am!"

Below: a Reno Casino.

Across the street? The way you earn money to go into the casino.

One block off the main drag:

Two blocks off the Main Drag:

But Reno does have one FINE auto museum. It's the finest I've ever seen and it's rated as one of the best in the nation. Over 200 cars and trucks from the 1800's to the 60's. They have a 1956 Mercedes Gulwing, for example - The car was worth about 100 million at the last auction of one.

The National Automobile Museum used to be housed in Harrah's Casino, but moved to its own facility a decade or so ago. I heard a story - can't vouch for it's truthfulness - that the reason that Harrah's moved the collection to another site was that when people came to the casino they didn't gamble - they just looked at the cars. But the National Auto Museum is really something to see. Take a look at this long slideshow, and enjoy: