The Burwell's 2018 Road Trip

Note -  We had to expand this posting into parts, because the internal designs of the website program couldn't hold all the pictures within the one page.

What you'll see in the three web pages (links below) is a series of installments that began on 7/31/18.  A lot more commentary and a lot more pictures will be added in the next week or so, God willing. Check back from time to time.  I'll note it right below that I've made additions and I'll put the date that the additions were made. 

The reason it's taking so long to get the pictures is that they take time to crop, clean up, resize, and upload. Please bear with us.

8-13-18 - 6:15 pm - Split the single page into two web pages, posted Sequoia National Park Pictures. (in part 2)

8-10-18 - 3:50 pm - From Flagstaff Arizona to Barstow, CA. (in part 1)

9-1-18 - 2:30 pm - added pics from wine country in California to Reno, Nevada


Part 1 covers the journey to California, which was pretty much half-way through our road-trip.

Click or tap here to go to part 1.

Part 2 takes us through California, and then to Reno, for the beginning of our trip back home.

Click or tap here to go to part 2.

Part 3 begins in Reno and will cover most of the trip back home.

Click or tap here to go to part 3.